Thursday, January 21, 2010

Parents wanted PLEASE!

Some of my friends parents want to be their kid's friends, I can't help but wonder "why." We can have friends, we have many "Friends." But we can only have one set of parents. We need discipline in our lives, boundaries so we don't make stupid decisions. I know kids who's parents are their friends, and they are doomed six ways from Sunday. They never do as they are told, they always get into serious trouble, and the saddest thing, is that they tell me they want boundaries. They tell me they wish their parents would have been parents. I have parents who cared, and I am able to put in my mission papers on May 20th. My friends birthday is a week after mine, and he won't be able to put in his papers because his parents are his friends, and they have set no standards, boundaries or disciplined him. So "Parents," Please.....we need Parents.
"Raise The Bar." -Pres. Hinkley

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