Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inspirational Stones.

The other day I was visiting a friend at the co-op down the street, when an old man walked in the door. He was looking around casually and not really looking interested in all of the crafts. Finally he came to the front of the store, and grabbed a few bits and pieces of candy. We rang up his items and when he pulled out his money, there in his hands with a couple dollar bills and coins were two small white stones. When I asked the man what the two white stones were for, he put everything down and said, "I'm so glad you asked." He told me he always pulls out these two stones when he buys something, and he only tells people what they are when they ask. He then explained to me that one stone represented the gospel, and the other your testimony, and both stones glow in the dark. But they will not glow without sunshine. He told me that we must try to share the gospel and our testimonies with as many people as we can to help us grow spiritually. And if we only keep the stones in our pockets, they can never glow. After he was finished telling me the story behind the stones, I thanked him for telling me. It is a very inspirational story.

I hope we can all pull our stones out of our pockets, and let them shine. There are so many people in the world that need to hear the gospel, and want to hear our testimonies. So I challenge you all to pull out your testimony and share it with as many people that will listen, so that you can shine.

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