Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let go of the "Nut."

In India, people catch monkeys by setting out a small box with a tasty nut in it. There is an opening in the box-large enough for the monkey to put in his empty hand, but too small for him to pull it out once he grabs the nut.Once the monkey has the nut, he must let go to regain his freedom. If he keeps holding the nut, he is trapped.
Most monkeys will not let go of the nut, making it easy for hunters to catch them.
People have been known to be caught in similar traps-the prize in the box controls us-but we can free ourselves if we are willing to let it go.

I thought about this phrase for a while, because the last part is a little unclear. But after a couple of minutes, I came up with thinking the nut was sin. I was confused for a moment because the author said the nut was a prize in people's lives. But I understand now, because Satan wants us to believe that the "nut" is good. But we must be willing to do what needs to be done so we can come closer to the Lord.

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