Friday, October 7, 2011

Scottish Blood!

This Is Glasgow Scotland. The place I have traced my ancestry to.My Fourth Great Grandfather...William Watson Ferguson.
The Family Coat Of Arms.A bee upon a thistle and the words Dulcius Ex Asperis which means "Sweeter After Difficulties."
Last but not least, The Ferguson Clan Plaid.

I did some research and found that William, my Grandfather, played the Bagpipe. So it turns out that I am keeping a family tradition alive!

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Kerin said...

Awesome blog post!!
Makes one want to walk a bit taller, doesn't it. I wonder where G.G.G.G. Grandfathers bagpipes are now?
Wouldn't it be so cool if someone in the family still had them?? And it would be even cooler if they were still in playing condition!