Thursday, August 12, 2010

God be with you till we meet again.

The journey has been grand. And though we enter into a new chapter of life, the road goes on. And though it may be hard, I know that all will turn out well. I will miss my Family very much. My brother's mission and mine, overlap; I won't be able to see him for 4 years total.I love him very much, but I feel the need to go. I wish him the best in his journeys. I know he will do splendidly.
I also wish my sister the best. She is the most amazing person. She never ceases to amaze me and she is the most giving person I know. She truly cares about others. I know she will do well in life because she is the "stick to it" person.
My dad has always worked hard to provide for his family. I want him to know that I appreciate more than he can imagine. Hard workers are scarce now days, and he has always been a corner stone in my life.
Now my mom is going to have the hardest time letting me go. But I want her to know that I will always love her. She is the kindest person I have ever met, the most loving, and the most wonderful. I will miss you too. And although our journey has taken us to this crossroad, we will be together again before you know it.
I love you. I will miss seeing your smile, hear your laugh, and your hugs.

Until we meet again-Spencer C. Darbro
Just Another Helping Hand.

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